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Voice Over Internet Protocol - VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol is the term given to using a LAN (Local Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network) or the Internet for sending voice messages using the Internet Protocol (Protocol is a set of formalized rules that describe how data is transmitted over a network whilst Internet Protocol is a standardized method of transporting information across the Internet in packets of data).

Philips - Sopho IPK, the key solution for small and medium-sized organisations

Basically VoIP - also known as IP telephony - can be defined as:
Transmission of voice traffic over an Internet protocol network that is either public (the Internet, for example) or private.

Every business has a telephone system and most have computers. PCs' were often used as standalone machines until it became apparent that their effectiveness could be dramatically increased if they were networked together.

Telephone systems and computer networks are no longer to be viewed as two seperate entities.
Common network infrastructure can now link the two and result in huge cost savings and business efficiency.

By making use of the existing network it is now possible to speak to a colleague at another site just down the road or in another country with as much ease as if you were using the internal telephone system.

Voice over Internet Protocol allows voice calls at a fraction of the cost of normal telephone calls - for international users the savings are huge. A smooth and trouble free transition from standard TDM to the modern IP Telephony.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) - IP Telephony is the modern communications solution that has:

All without incurring massive overheads.

You don't necessarily have to change your telephone system to take advantage of IP Telephony. Voice over Internet Protocol equipment is available that enables the retro fit of units to your legacy telephone system and computers.

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