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Video Conferencing - a Total Solution

We all know that it's impossible to be in more than one place at a time but that's the pressure that's on many business executives today.

It's no longer feasible to make long return journeys in a day - traffic conditions just won't permit it! Plus the costs and risks are too great.
How many businesses can afford to have their key personnel 'on the road' and often 'out of the loop' for lengthy periods?

Many businesses are finding that by making use of video conferencing their key people can be in several places at a time.Sony Videoconferencing PCS TL50 Videoconference Unit

As an increasing amount business time is now being spent utilising the power of video conferencing to effectively manage their resources it is vital that you receive the best and most complete advice and assistance in implementing the strategy.

There are many questions that need to be answered in order for you to navigate your way to the best video conferencing solution for your business and this is why an independent solution supplier such as ourselves can be invaluable.

We will design, plan and implement a video conferencing strategy for your business.

During the planning stage we will advise on the standards that apply to video conferencing, the merits of both standards-based and proprietary systems as merit your own, individual requirements.

We supply a range of useful peripherals and options which will enable you to maximise the benefits video conferencing to your organisation.

Polycom Videostation H.323 Polycom VSX7000S Video Conferencing Unit Polycom VSX3000 Video Conferencing Unit Polycom VSX5000 Video Conferencing Unit Review Video Maia Star Videophone
Polycom VSX8000 Video Conferencing Unit

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