Least Cost routing - Carrier Pre-Select (CPS)   Reduce Costs   35% to 50% Cheaper than BT   Quick, Easy Transfer   No Onsite Work Needed!   No Hidden Costs!   Disruption Free!   Does not require reprogramming of your Telephone System    No Extra Equipment   Maximised Discount - All calls are captured   One inclusive bill for calls and line rental   All extensions are covered and benefit from Least Cost Routing   Call Barring Available   Retain most of BT's additional services   

Least Cost Routing - Carrier Pre-Select (CPS)

We can offer long-distance and international telephone calls for a much lower cost than British Telecom.

Least cost routing describes a method by which equipment automatically chooses the lowest priced carrier and has been around for quite some time but previously it has meant the use of:

Unlike many other suppliers, IT Telecoms can arrange that your line rental and call charges are billed together on one invoice thereby avoiding the extra administration of having separate bills - one for your line rental and another for your call costs.

Carrier Pre-Select (CPS) routing over the IT Telecoms network is the most effective form of Least Cost Routing because it is handled totally transparent to you at the exchange.

Benefits of Least Cost Routing from IT Telecoms are:

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