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Non-Geographical Telephone numbers

We will advise and setup the most beneficial and appropriate non-geographical telephone number for you business needs.

What are Non-Geographical Telephone Numbers?

Non-Geographical Telephone Numbers are numbers that can be attached to any normal telephone number in the country - either to a single line telephone or a DDI (Direct Dial-In) number attached to a large office telephone system.

The original number functions as before and any calls to the non-geographical number act as a call that has been diverted to your normal line number.

There are options in setting up the attachments such as additional directions if busy or the call is unanswered. The non-geographical number can be set up to be attached to different telephone lines varying with the time of day.

08xx telephone numbers have their different uses but all of them are setup in a similar way.

The setup and running costs are reflected in the desirability of the digits sequence:
ie a number of 0800 800 800 will be more sought after and therefore more costly than 0801 386 279.

0800 free phone numbers - are the most popular non-geographic number that encourages customers to call your business and they have proved to be a very powerful sales tool.
The callers do not pay for the call and the total cost is absorbed by your business at slightly above national call rates.

0845 local rate numbers - are almost as good a sales tool as 0800 telephone numbers and are widely thought of as being almost free.
The call is charged at local call rate to the customer and the rest of the charge is passed on to your business but at only a low rate.

0870 national rate numbers - the great advantage to an 0870 telephone number to your business is that you can use one number nationally irrespective of where you are physically based.
They are also portable and this will save you a considerable sum if you re-locate.
The caller pays the standard national call rate and this can provide a revenue stream to your business if a sufficient number of telephone calls are received.
0870 non-geographical telephone numbers are especially suitable for companies that are involved in business similar to the tourist trade where most calls to them will be made at the national rate.

0900 numbers - these are potential revenue earners and are particularly suitable for help-lines, chat-lines and competitions etc.
They are charged to the caller at premium rates and will produce earnings that far outweigh the setup costs. They are readily accepted as reasonable for 'pay-as-you-go' services by the general public who have been using the services provided through these numbers for many years.

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